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Many people are creating beautiful bathrooms by selecting granite for their countertop. Our granite offers a variety of colors and patterns.

  • Granite tops are priced to include a sink bowl in white or bone.
  • Tops include one back splash and one side splash.


Many people are making their bathrooms by selecting a beautiful countertop. Granite has been the choice of builders and homeowners because every slab is unique and requires minimal maintenance. By its nature, granite is extremely durable which means it repels stains and is heat resistant unlike other man-made materials.

All Granite Tops come fabricated with 4” Faucet Center Sets


Stock Granite Countertops Pricing


Products, Granite: 1 Year Limited Warranty

If the granite product develops a manufacturing defect within the one-year period, it will be repaired or replaced with a countertop of equal value and similar (if not the same) appearance at our option, provided that:

1)  The owner must provide proof and date of purchase.
2)  The installed granite product has not been removed from the location of initial installation so it may be evaluated.

This Limited Warranty does not cover if product shows evidence that it has been misused, abused, altered including chemical abuse (i.e., oil stains) and physical abuse (i.e. excessive chipped edges or scratches), or natural attributes of granite such as fissures and pits.

  One (1) year Limited Warranty coverage is your assurance of lasting quality.

If we can answer further questions regarding this warranty, please contact Cabinet Express. Please note that we may substitute a product of equal and similar appearance on both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs and replacements.

Granite Care and Maintenance
Granite is a porous stone. This leaves it vulnerable to stains or chips. However, proper care and maintenance can keep your new granite countertops beautiful and durable for years to come.

Daily Care:
  • Clean or dust the surface of granite countertops with a microfiber cloth. As needed, dampen the cloth with water. Avoid the use of anything acidic, including vinegar.
  • Stone cleaners are available for when necessary. Find one with a neurtral pH as harsh or abrasive chemicals may scratch or pit the surface.
  • To battle oil stains, make a poultice one cup flour or baking soda and about 4 tablespoons of basic dish soap. Add some water to create a creamy consistency and apply the mixture directly on the stain. Place plastic wrap on the area and leave it overnight. The next morning, wipe the poultice away with a clean, damp cloth.
Seasonal Care:
  • Granite may need to be sealed when water no longer beads up on top of the surface. Apply sealant to dry countertops with a clean, lint-free cloth. Leave it to dry completely and then buff it with terry cloth. This will bring a nice shine to the stone.
  • Inspect your granite annually to ensure there are no cracks, fissures or separation at the seams. If there are areas in question, contact a stone-care professional for repair.

Ready to get started?

Use our grid to measure and sketch your space. Bring it with you to the outlet.
Meet with one of our representatives.