Countertops & Cabinet Hardware

Countertops and cabinet hardware are two essential elements of any beautiful, functional kitchen or bathroom. Countertops must be built-to-last for years of wear-and-tear while still maintaining an attractive appearance. Similarly, cabinet hardware must be durable enough for daily use while still lending a pleasant aesthetic to the room. Cabinets Express offers a wide variety of countertop materials and cabinet hardware products to ensure you can find the perfect fit for your home.


Our Countertops

Whether you’re looking for something eye-catching like granite or a material like laminate that will blend into the background, we have the expertise and inventory to help you find stunning countertops for your unique home. Between our experienced consultants, interior designers, and professional installation, we make it easier than ever to remodel. We know you won’t be disappointed with Cabinets Express’ countertops!


Our Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is an important but often overlooked element of interior design. Choosing the right hardware to accompany cabinets is critical for maintaining a cohesive “look and feel” in a room. Furthermore, quality hardware is a must to avoid damage to your cabinets and easy breakage. Cabinets Express stocks a broad assortment of quality hardware components in a range of styles.

Cabinets Express is waiting to help you remodel with gorgeous, high-quality countertops and cabinet hardware. Contact us to speak with a friendly sales representative and get started with a brand new look for your home.