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Refresh your kitchen in two to four days by refacing your cabinets with Renew Series from Cabinets Express. You can achieve a whole new look for your kitchen in two to four days with cabinet refacing for a fraction of the cost – and without the hassle – of a complete remodel!  Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, you’ll receive entirely new doors and drawer headers with quality veneers finished to match.  Keep what you love about your kitchen and update the look of your cabinets with minimal disruption to your home when you choose Cabinets Express!

Getting a Quote is as easy as 1-2-3!

Cabinets Express In-Home Consultation for Cabinet Refacing

1. At your no-obligation in-home consultation we’ll explain the refacing process, review door style & finish options, and perform a professional measure if you’d like to proceed.

Cabinets Express professional renders and proposal

2. We’ll provide a professional design and proposal for your review, illustrating your updated kitchen!

Completed cabinet refacing with Cabinets Express

3. With your approval, we’ll get your project on order and schedule installation!

Cabinets Express In-Home Consultation

We currently offer Refacing in the following areas:

Cabinet Refacing in Livingston County, Oakland County, Macomb County, Washtenaw County, Shiawassee County, Ingham County, Jackson County, Wayne County



Most projects install in two to four days, eliminating weeks of waiting and installation time to get your project done in a timely fashion.



Home remodels can be frustrating. With cabinet refacing, you’ll see less disruption and quicker completion since your appliances and cabinet boxes can stay in use while you wait for your new doors and finishes.



Save money — Cabinets Express refinishing can be as little as 50%-75% the cost of other kitchen and bath shops’ full kitchen remodels.  Furthermore, you can keep your countertops and flooring, making a refresh much more affordable!  We also offer convenient financing options.

Four Easy Steps to Refreshed Cabinetry

Our refacing experts make refreshing your cabinetry easy and convenient with a simple four-step process:

Cabinets Express Refacing Process

Refacing requires structurally sound wood cabinets with wood face frames in reasonably good condition. Cabinets with surface peeling are not a good candidate for refacing because the surfaces the veneers are adhered to are not sound. Cabinets that have been painted over (covering the original factory finish) are not a good candidate for refacing because the application of paint creates an uneven surface which prevents proper adhesion of veneers. Cabinets in an uncontrolled environment (garages/damp basements) are not a good candidate for refacing due to humidity affecting adhesion of veneers.

Door Styles

Cabinets Express Renew Series Refacing Door Styles

Finishes | Paints & Stains

Customize your cabinetry to fit your style!

Our standard paint collection is carefully selected to represent classic and trending colors at no extra charge.  Love the natural look of wood?  Enhance the character of your cabinetry with our collection of beautiful stains ranging from natural wood color to on-trend deep grays.

Our refacing program offers multiple wood species, stains, and paints to create a unique look that fits your style.

Cabinets Express Cabinet Refacing

Cabinets Express Cabinet Refacing

Cabinets Express Cabinet Refacing

Would you like to learn more about the door styles, finishes, and options available for refacing?

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